Education Fair and Job Expo in, Navi Mumbai

About Educ8 India


Educ8 India is dedicated to enlighten students, parents, professionals, young entrepreneurs, opportunity seekers, innovators with a high quality educational, technological and networking set-up to broaden their vision in making a ‘prime choice’ for career and opportunities.

Education Fair and Job Expo in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai is a platform where different institutions, foreign universities, corporates, educational tools and technologies, start-ups and investors, all gather under one roof with an aim to provide gateways to world class education, latest trends and innovation and an umbrella of choices.

The 2 days exhibition and concurrent conference sessions provides an excellent networking opportunity for speakers, visitors and delegates. This platform attracts high quality exhibitors to showcase their expertise and identify the thriving business opportunities in Navi Mumbai.

Hence, a perfect platform to access all information pertaining to education, learning, innovation and self-empowerment.


WHO IS GOING TO GAIN? At Education Fair And Job Expo in Navi Mumbai 2018

At Education Fair & Job Expo in Navi Mumbai 2018. All the stakeholders are working individually towards the same aim. Everyone wants a strong, resilient, educated India. Since knowledge is power, each understands dissemination of detailed information, skill-sets, learning, practical knowledge, and experience, in the students’ formative years will make all the difference.

On the one hand we have service providers, guides, leaders in education ready to take up the challenge of empowering the youth with knowledge through institutes, institutions, seminars, debates, and exposure platforms of different kinds, and on the other, we have students searching through various media, the options available to them, and still falling short in finding the right ‘fit’ to their ‘being future-ready’ plans.

The gap between those who want what the education sector is providing – and what they actually get – seems to be widening every year.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? @ EDUC8 INDIA Education Fair And Job Expo in Mumbai 2018


Educ8 India is Mumbai’s one and only platform where different MNCs, private sector companies, start-ups, institutes, colleges etc. will come together under one roof and prove to be beneficial for visitors, job seekers, students, parents.